Aðgangur að rannsóknum í alþjóðaviðskiptum leiðir til betri og markvissari ákvarðana og kemur í veg fyrir óþarfa mistök

═ fyrsta bindi af Capturing the World er fjalla­ um eftirtalin vi­fangsefni 

Bókin samanstendur af þremur hlutum sem hver um sig inniheldur kafla sem fjalla um tiltekin viðfangsefni sem fyrirtæki þurfa að takast á við í alþjóðavæðingu. Hlutarnir ásamt köflunum eru (hér fyrir neðan er hægt að nálgast skjákynningu fyrir hvern kafla):

Stefnumótun (Strategy)

Stjórnun (Management)

Eftirlit (Control)

Nánari lýsingu á köflunum á ensku er að finna hér fyrir neðan:


The book is structured into three main sections, each including individual  chapters that cover research on different parts of the internationalization  process, strategy, management and control.

The first section, strategy, includes chapters on the following three topics;  antecedents to internationalization, the choice of location and entry mode.  These  topics are very important when  the company is deciding on if they are  ready to  internationalize and what is the most appropriate choice of entering the market.  The decisions that the company take may have an impact not only on the immediate success, but on the sustatinable competitive advantage and  further  growth of the  firm.


The second section, management, include chapters on topics that managers need to deal with when they have entred the market. This include culture, a major issue in the internationalization  process, how to use and work with networking partners, an increasingly important subject and knowledge flow. The approach managers follow to deal with these issues will have an impact on how  well the firm performs, how they handle conflicts that may arise and finally how they can utilize valuable knowledge that firm may have access to through  their international activities.


The third section, control, include chapters on issues related to human resource management which can be very complicated, performance measurment, and how the firms work with alliances without sacrificing their competitive edge, but yet utilizing the relationship with their alliances to the fullest potential. These issues are particularly important for larger companies or when the business abroad progresses to a new stage and the company becomes increasingly internationalized.


Each section includes a summary of the relevant articles as well as a number of examples on how the theory can be applied in practice. The summary provides an insight into the article, but for those who are interested in exploring the issue further, the article is accessible in elecronic databases throgh subscription in most universities, libraries and many larger organizations. By  using facilities such as Web of Science or Google Scholar, the reader has the opportunity to access further update on the article and be a real specialist,  staying at the  forefront of the topic.